Finished: Weekender

In between moments devoted to work and moments devoted to book writing, I’ve been trying to finish a few of my 2018 knitting projects. Around the last two weeks of the month I usually hit a sweet spot where I’ve gotten more done than I have on the to-do list, or at least, it feels that way, and that seems to be when I get the knitting in. Doubled up with the holiday season this year, I was able to slide my Weekender, an extremely popular pattern by Andrea Mowry, off the needles and onto myself for Christmas Day!

I decided to go with a slightly ‘sleeker’ shape for the sweater, which originally calls for 10” of positive ease. I tend to knit a lot of bigger, boxy sweaters, so I decided to take a more classic ‘relaxed fit’ shape for this one and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Weekender 3.jpg

The yarn is from my visit to Harrisville Designs last August (I’m returning in October of this year to teach another class, which I’ll be announcing here soon.) They spin Shelter and Loft for Brooklyn Tweed, and had this ‘oopsie’ color in a big basket on-hand for only $5.00 a skein. Who can resist a sweater lot that costs under $50, especially when the yarn is a beloved, scrumptious one in an exclusive colorway. Not I! Purple isn’t usually my go-to color, but this soft, blue-toned purple is one I can wear. Like Shelter, this yarn softens up considerably with a wash and wear, and I’ve already been wearing the sweater quite a bit. I’m showing it here with a recently-overdyed (with red cabbage—more details on that soon) silk shirt I thrifted.

Weekender pattern by Andrea Mowry

This will likely be the last knit I get off my needles in 2018. My No Frills pullover is almost finished (one sleeve down, one to go), but this upcoming week is Knitcrate launch week, so it’s usually a pretty busy (low knitting) time of the month. I’m excited to see what I can accomplish in 2019!