I'm teaching in Knit Stars 4.0

Wow, I can’t believe I’m even announcing this! A few months ago, I was asked to participate as one of the featured instructors for Knit Stars 4.0. For those of you not in the know, Knit Stars is a digital class ‘event’. You buy your registration during the Early Bird period (from now until April 26) or later this year in October when main registration begins. Once you buy the classes and they go live, you have access and ability to watch them in whatever order, whenever, you choose—you own them. So if you like to take classes slow, Knit Stars is set up for that. Or if you want to skip around and watch all the introductions, you can do that too!

I’ll let you in on something: before I was asked, I knew what Knit Stars was, but I hadn’t purchased any of the classes. I don’t typically take knitting or crochet classes (I’m very much a learn-it-on-your-own kind of person), and the idea of paying $199 for a class series seemed really unnecessary to me. I don’t talk about it often, but I’m pretty tight with money while I’m working to pay off student loan debt, and that means that any time you see me attending an event, it’s probably for work, or I am getting paid to teach: I haven’t done anything in a long while just for me. When Shelley and the team at Knit Stars asked me if I had ever taken a Knit Stars course, I had to answer honestly that I had not. As a result, the Knit Stars team gifted me the past seasons to watch so I knew what to expect from my own course.

Let me tell you: I was really impressed with the amount of knowledge packed into a single course. Watching the videos inspired me to dig into old projects and try new things. I especially love the lifestyle segments, where we get to know the teachers before we begin their classes, and can see where they live and work. I felt like people that I had already met in person were inviting me into their living room and telling me secrets, and I was 100% on board to teach my own Knit Stars class. It is definitely worth the $199 you’d pay today for early bird, or even the $229 that the classes will be later this year.

If you’re thinking about joining me and the other amazing instructors lined up for this year’s Knit Stars, you can purchase via this link: Knit Stars 4.0 Registration

This is an affiliate link associated with me, and my brand specifically. You will get ALL the classes from all the teachers (to watch whenever you want) when it launches later this year, but I will profit directly from you purchasing through that link. It’s important to me to disclose that because I want you to know that when you choose to buy through me, you are supporting my adventures in yarn and my ability to teach more workshops and classes. Thank you!